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Cable Solutions for Quantum Industry

Supplier of coaxial cable assemblies for cryogenic quantum applications


Connecting qubits

The quantum computing industry is rapidly expanding. More quantum computers are being built every day with an ever-increasing number of qubits. The commercial availability of hardware solutions to connect electrical systems within a quantum computer is critical to sustaining the aggressive growth path of the industry. Quantum Coax aims to provide high quality cable assemblies in a timely fashion to help quantum companies continue driving forward.

Quantum coax

Coax Cable Assemblies

Our coaxial cable assemblies are

engineered to meet the extraordinary needs of the low temperature vacuum environments of cryostats used in quantum computing and low temperature physics applications.

Turnkey solutions

We deliver complete cable assemblies. Tell us your desired cable type, cable length, and preferred connectors, and the cable shows up at your door ready to be installed.

Small flexible design 

Our cables are designed to be small and flexible to ease installation, minimize heat loads and provide ductility during thermal contraction and expansion experienced during cool down and warm up.

Cryogenic friendly materials

We offer our cables in a selection of different materials with low thermal conductivity and good electrical conductivity properties for different low temperature applications. 

Custom designs available

Have a different application or need something slightly different than what is offered in our catalog? Contact us! We are able to customize the size, material, and other properties to match the needs of your application.


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